This is Hebden Bridge, an old-fashioned and very cool little railway station I pass through when travelling from Accrington to Leeds. The whole journey is like passing through Tolkien’s shires, many small and grassy hills with villages nestled in their valleys. I’d take more pics but the train has no windows which can be opened and they’re usually too filthy to take a shot through. Shame. 

The redundant signal box is an English Heritage Grade II listed building.

Kirkstall Abbey - Leeds. Founded in 1152, the monks here managed most of the agricultural activities in Yorkshire (and parts of Lancashire) until Henry VIII sent the thugs in in 1538.

Avoiding clichés

In a recent post by Ted Lewis, he amusingly jokes about shots that appear to readily acquire blue tags…”a foggy landscape, then a moon capture. For the grand finale I’ll do a foggy path through the woods with a moon”…and it’s been on my mind since reading it.

As an autodidactic photography student I find it really hard to avoid clichés. As I walk around with my cameras, I see a familiar scene and take a shot at it only to later realise that I’m just regurgitating someone else’s better pop at the same subject matter.

So this is a note to self: Avoid the following shots (in addition to Ted’s)…

Buskers (unless it’s an impromptu from Bob Dylan, homeless people (unless the person is Bill Clinton), shots out of an aeroplane window (unless it’s something cool like an old biplane), flower close-ups (unless it is a stunning and very rare plant), pets (unless it is a cheetah or boa constrictor), looking down at my shoes (unless I’m on the 90th floor of an external glass elevator).

What have I missed or forgotten about? Please add your own…


thliii said: some of my best work in those shots….. :O)

Yeahbut…you already said you have no scruples :))

(…and you do shoot with exceptional quality).

I do feel the need to indicate…I’m not having a go at the folks who shoot these shots - like I said I do it myself. Some people love shots of flowers etc. and rightly too, we’re all different thank goodness. This post was “a note to self” because it’s not the direction I want to take. My goal in my learning curve is not to be an also-ran. I hope that I am learning how to use a camera so that when the “big scene” presents itself, I’ll know how to shoot it.

Joey Badda$$ - Righteous Minds. Anyone who can fuse a straight four over swing like this rapper gets my vote